January 26, 2012

More Photos (of the Rehearsals, Reception, Etc.)

Lots more, here – people shots, photos from the rehearsals, and more. (For a more concise selection, see Selected Photos.)

Among other things, they give a sense of how many people worked on this project; and there were many more who aren't shown – e.g., people who made the 550+ 2-D flowers, or food for the reception, or who helped in various other ways. Again, to everyone who helped, we're filled with love and joy by your creativity, hard work, and generosity; thank you again!

After your memories have been thoroughly jiggled, please share them here.

(The photo right was shot by Richie Serrano; left, by Joan Davidow. Both can now be found in Selected Photos.)

January 1, 2012

Stacked Stills

The two videos projected at the event were synchronized and designed to work together.

I've put online some composite images showing stills from the two videos at selected moments (i.e., the upper half of the composite shows a frame from the video that participant-guests could see, and the bottom half shows a frame from the video that was being projected onto their backs at the same moment). Those "stacked stills" start here.

December 26, 2011

Your Turn

One of the aspects of this project that I enjoyed most was that I got to work and hang out with many of you in a way I hadn't before. I had a great time with you, and learned a tremendous amount; thank you!

Now I invite you to share your experiences. Please us, what was it like for you? What did you enjoy?

Some of you who worked on the production have told me of surprising or interesting stories or observations.

Did you get to know someone better? Were there any challenges, pleasures, or memorable moments? What improvements would you suggest? Do you foresee any effects in the future?

If you enjoy writing, you can email me at carolyn (a) c-cyte dot com, or just comment on this post.

Alternatively, if you'd rather talk about it, I could do a video interview of you, or record an AIM or Skype video chat.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer other means of expression, I invite you to please create it and contact me re- sharing it.
Here's one detail I learned after the event that was a surprise to me: it turns out the date of the wedding/performance/screenings was the anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution. If you heard or have read the ceremony text, you'll understand how appropriate that was.

(Photo above left by Carolyn McWeeney, adjusted by moi.)

November 29, 2011

Photos of the Wedding/Participatory/Performance/Screenings Event

I recently got a last batch of photos from one of the many friends who generously shot and shared them.
Here's a first installment. This selection is intended to give a concise overview. It was culled from hundreds more, including photos from the reception as well as "formal" wedding portrait photos, more of which will be made available later.
I'm very excited to share these pics with you, and very grateful to all the photographers!

Their names and contact info are:

Richie Serranohttp://artthisweek.com, artthisweek (a) gmail dot com
Rich Tate / Alford Mediawww.alfordmedia.com, rich.tate (a) alfordmedia dot com
Carolyn McGovern McWeeneywww.carolynmcgovern.com, carolynmcgovernphoto (a) gmail dot com
Mark Kaplan – nakedlensphoto (a) gmail dot com
David Lyleswww.lylesphoto.com, lylesphoto (a) gmail dot com
Sally Glasshttp://sallyglass.carbonmade.com, sally.c.glass (a) gmail dot com
Tammy Mcnarywww.tammymcnary.com, tmc (a) tammymcnary dot com
Daphne Hatcherwww.pinemills.com, claygarden (a) earthlink dot net
Hampton Burwickhttp://hamptonscourt.blogspot.com, hburwick (a) sbcglobal dot net

Dan Piassick
http://www.piassick.com, dan (a) piassick dot com

Marc + Sam Tibber

(Photo above right by Rich Tate / Alford Media.)

What's New on the Project Website

Recent updates to the TWP site:

Programme (i.e., credits et al.) – if you contributed to the project in any way, pls make sure you're listed! There are a lot of categories, so do a page search, in case you're listed under a different title than you might have expected. If I've missed anyone, please let me know!

description of the project – includes a few 'graphs on aesthetic intent, some of the logistics, etc.)

The ceremony text – several people asked for this (and it's available for free use under a Creative Commons non-commercial, attribution license).

Updated home page – it's now basically just a table of contents, plus instructions on how to share any pics or vidis you may have shot of or re- the event or reception.

And other, less extensive updates throughout the site.
Please let me know if you find any broken links, or if you have any other comments.

Coming soon: a selection of people's photos of the production.

(Photo right by Daphne (or Gary?) Hatcher.)